5 Ways to Ensure Your TV Commercial Is Effective

Are you looking for tips to make your new TV commercial effective? Read on for a few ways to make sure your spot brings people to your business.

Keep it simple

When it comes time to shoot your commercial, pick one focus and stick with it. With a commercial, you want the audience—your future customers—to think of you when they think of a certain product or service.

This can be difficult in markets that are saturated with many of the same types of businesses, but the key is to find your niche. You don't just sell furniture—you're the place to buy an entertainment center. Take some time to figure out what brings you in the most money, and craft your ad around that. Incorporating too much into your ad will just leave your audience confused, and unlikely to remember you for any one specific thing.

Leave the family at home

Of course you have beautiful kids, and your dog is adorable, but that doesn't mean they can sell your product. It's absolutely possible to create an effective commercial using your family members, provided the main focus of the ad is still your business. If you're merely using your commercial as a means to show your family off to the world, you're better off posting some pictures up on a social media site.

Keep employees off screen

Nothing like creating a commercial featuring one of your star employees, only to have them get fired or quit a short while later. If someone is going to be showcased as the face of your business, it's better to either use yourself or hire a third party who isn't affiliated with the company at all.

Get plenty of b-roll

As your production team is shooting your spot, be sure to ask them to get plenty of extra b-roll. B-roll is footage shot to be used for the commercial intro and outro, transitions between segments, and anywhere that additional video is necessary. Even with the most perfectly thought out script and storyboard, you may find yourself wishing you'd gotten some footage of, say, the building or the sign in front of it. Grabbing extra b-roll during the commercial shoot can be a lifesaver if you later decide you need to add or change a scene.

Have a call to action

A call to action is an important component to any successful commercial. Whether you're encouraging the audience to call now, or to buy a car today, you need to leave them with something.

When advertising works, it's worth it. The above tips will help make sure your ad helps grow your business. You can contact local advertising agencies to learn more about your options.

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