Why Your Next Announcement Should Include Aerial Advertising

Whether you're looking to announce an engagement, congratulation, or birthday wish to friends and family at your next event, your announcement should include aerial advertising. Aerial advertising is an unconventional and fun way to make important announcements, giving your loved ones a memorable experience that they'll remember for a lifetime. So if you were planning on getting the word out through a paper trail or on the internet, consider why you should choose aerial advertising instead.

Memorable Messaging

Aerial advertising is considered to be one of the most effective ways to convey a message, as the novelty through the mode of delivery offers a higher recall rate than other modes of advertising communication. Though aerial advertising can cost several hundred dollars or more for a short presentation, the resulting effect on your guests will last for years to come. Even if you're having a low-key get together outside, aerial advertising can put a smile on your guests' faces and create an atmosphere that's completely out-of-the-ordinary.

Many Ways To Share

Though the most recognizable forms of aerial advertising include banner presentation from a fixed-wing aircraft, there are many ways you can personalize the experience even more to meet your expectations and announcement needs. For example, announcements for engagements can be suited to aircraft banners, but consider sky writing to dot the I's and cross the T's in an expression that no one else could offer. If you're celebrating a birthday, hot air balloons, flogos, or kites can provide a beautiful backdrop for an outdoor gathering that people will remember. Flogos, or flying logos, are a newer way to advertise that uses a special machine, software, and solution to create flying foam ads that will rise to elevation and eventually disintegrate. Flogos are environmentally-friendly and fun for any occasion.  And if you want to appeal to a technologically-savvy crowd or individual, consider using a drone to get your message up and running.

For an Element of Surprise

The most appealing reason to use aerial advertising may not be just the memorable effect that you'll get, but the element of surprise that you can add to delight the receiver. Aerial advertising offers an unexpected way to celebrate any occasion, and because it isn't often used for announcements you can catch someone off guard. Increasingly, people are turning to viral videos and cut-and-paste internet displays to relay a message, as it is a common mode of information transfer. So instead of doing what they expect, go ahead and give someone a thrill that they probably would never have imagined.

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