Lights. Camera. Call To Action: How Making Quality Videos Can Expand Your Construction Or Property Repair Business

When it comes to marketing, having quality videos online works as well for construction and home service companies as it does for rock stars, online home furnishing stores and real estate agents--all of whom use videos to promote themselves and the products they're selling. A professional, well-produced video of your facility, staff, or projects brings you exposure and makes property owners curious to learn more about what your company offers.

It's not enough to have a low-budget TV, radio, or newspaper advertising campaign if you want to grow your building or property service business. You need a dedicated website with promotional videos to expand your client list. Here are some ways you might use professional videos to grow your construction or service territory:

Show, don't tell

You can have all sorts of written descriptions about the quality of your work, or talk nonstop for five minutes about how great your crew is, and you will bore people away from your site. A crisp, bright video of your products, repairs, or new builds is the way to show potential customers the expertise they can expect from your firm.

On your business website, don't be afraid to have a variety of business-oriented videos for customers to watch. Use videos to introduce your staff and let them exhibit their individual skills. It makes your team feel valued and helps future clients feel like they already know you and your workers. Have another video to show the materials and procedures you use to help customers solve their problems and achieve the construction, landscaping, or other upgrades they envision.

Share your videos on social media, as this helps drive more traffic to your website, builds a sense of community, and you get free advertising as a bonus. Go the extra mile and pay for a professional video team to produce your videos, so you'll have quality pieces you'll be proud to share.

Host a series

Film a half-dozen short, helpful videos related to your area of service. If you do interior tile work, for example, you might discuss topics including:

  • How to safely clean grout
  • What to do when tile comes loose
  • How to estimate tile amounts for a backsplash
  • The qualities of various types of tile
  • Choosing tile for different applications

By hosting these videos on your business website and on sites like You Tube, you drive traffic to your business and show good faith to the public. People begin to trust you as an expert, and many will become customers due to that sense of trust.

You may think that showing potential customers how to DIY will cost you business, but many people are merely curious about how you do your job; they don't necessarily want to do that job themselves. When you add your own professional-quality finished work to your videos, and show the elbow grease and skill involved, you help convince potential clients that you are the best person to solve their problems.

Some tips for your videos

Many hardworking people aren't comfortable in front of a camera. They may mumble, get scatter-brained or be unable to put into words what they want to say. That's okay. If there's no one on your team to act as a spokesperson, a professional video production company can find actors and other talent who will represent your image and articulate your mission and call to action.

Video production teams are also great at getting your staff to loosen up and present the best image. They are great at finding you clean locations for filming as well. Remember, you want your staff dressed and groomed neatly, and you want to film in an area of town where you are seeking new business.

If you're looking to attract more upscale homeowners, find a sophisticated backdrop or luxury home for some of your videos. If you want to take on more apartment complex projects, ask your production team to find you a nearby apartment development, or ask one of your valued apartment management clients if you can film on their property.

Be sure to prominently display your business name and contact information at the beginning and end of all of your videos. Your video production team will ensure that this happens, and they will edit your videos so that they're smooth and easy to enjoy.

It may be an additional expense to have professional videos produced for your construction or service business, but consider them necessary tools to get the job done. Each video you make is an investment in your company's image and provides years of exposure you only have to pay for once.

Speak with Epic Video Factory or another professional video producer today to take your business advertising to the next level.

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