3 Fundraising Skills Peace Corps Volunteers Should Learn Before They Start Their Service

The Peace Corps is well-known for the in-depth training they offer their volunteers. From information about the culture of the country they will be volunteering in to courses in grass roots changes, the Peace Corps training is thorough. However, if you are applying to be a volunteer, taking a course on fundraising can help bolster your application. If you have already been accepted, taking a course before you leave or enrolling in an online course while you are a volunteer can also give you the skills you need to help successfully fund your projects. Below are three fundraising skills you should have before you depart for training. 


As a Peace Corps volunteer, you may apply for several international grants during your service. Most international grant funds are released to organizations that offer in-depth project proposals along with a specific, realistic budget. 

While you may know the basics of personal finance, unless you have experience in managing grants, it is a good idea to take a course in fundraising budgeting. You will learn the intricacies involved with matching funds, securing funds, and tips for sticking to budgets. 


Besides the budget, one of the most important aspects of fundraising is the project proposal. A project proposal should be clear and straightforward. However, it should be in-depth enough to clearly outline the benefits of the project. If you have recently graduated from university, it is likely that you already have basic research skills. However, a fundraising course can help you learn how to apply those research skills to creating a powerful project proposal. 

Additionally, a fundraising course can also help you learn the most powerful methods for delivering a project proposal. For example, if you are applying for a large grant, you may need a written proposal. However, if you are doing crowdfunding, you may opt for a video proposal instead. 

Database Management 

Another important aspect of fundraising is keeping track of your current donors and potential donors, which may require heavy database usage. You should seek out a fundraising course that has in-depth computer skills as a component. Often, Peace Corps volunteers are sent to sites where computer skills are minimal, so you should be familiar enough with database programs to not only use them yourself, but also to teach your counterparts how to use them. 

While the standard training for a Peace Corps volunteer is thorough, there are a few fundraising skills that will help you if you learn them on your own before you leave for service. Look for companies that offer fundraising training, such as iMission Institute.

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