3 Ways To Optimize Your Website For Voice Searches

Voice searches are quickly becoming the primary way people ask questions in search engines. If you only focus on basic SEO strategies, you may be missing opportunities to capture a wider audience by appearing in relevant searches. There are several tactics you can use to optimize your website for voice searches.

Use Your Business Listing

Claiming your business listing and keeping it updated will improve your search visibility in traditional searches, but it is critical for voice searches. You have probably noticed when you search for specific businesses or a general search term, the first results you see on Google are typically business listings. If you are not appearing in business listings, then you may have lost a valuable opportunity. In many cases, someone searching for a business or product may not check the other results after the business listings. Many types of businesses will capitalize on searches where people ask their device the location of a business or business hours. This is all the more reason to have your location and business hours updated in your business listing if this is relevant to your business.

Incorporate Natural Language

Traditional Google searches frequently rely on short phrases or keywords to lead people to a relevant website. You will need to make some modifications to your existing content if you want to capture voice searches. The way people search using their voice is vastly different than typing. People are more likely to use longer, natural phrases with voice search or speak in complete sentences. This does not mean keywords no longer have a place on your website, but you will need to approach your content in both ways. For example, a podiatrist may rely on "foot doctor" as their primary keyword, which could appear in information about their medical specialty. Possibly turning the current content into an FAQ with common questions could convey the same information, but that approach may capture questions from voice searches, as well.

Include Location-Based Information

Location-based information is required for brick-and-mortar businesses since people searching for relevant businesses will have voice searches including their location. Online businesses may overlook this approach, although it may cost them customers. You do not need to reveal detailed information about your online business to capture location-based voice searches. Some businesses may state on their website they ship from a specific city and/or state. This increases your chances of appearing in voice searches (and traditional searches) from someone who may have been looking for a brick-and-mortar store but who decides to view your website instead.

All businesses with an online presence need to make the effort to improve their visibility in voice searches. With more people using voice search functions on their mobile devices, you can easily miss opportunities to appear in results.

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