Is It Time For A Uniform Revamp?

You always expect your employees to put their best foot forward, but if they don't look and feel their best — their effort will go but so far. The reality is that the average consumer looks at the entire package, including the way your employees look, and more importantly, the more comfortable your staff, the more productive they are. Are your uniforms sending the right message? If you recognize any of the following in your corporate attire, it might be time for a revamp.

Outdated Style

Businesses always revamp themselves, as the process is important to stay fresh and competitive. As the times change, you've likely updated the technology and maybe even performed cosmetic enhancements to your business. The uniforms your employees wear should be reflective of all these changes. 

Take a restaurant that has transitioned from more of a family-friendly dining establishment to a fine dining location, for example. T-shirts might have been appropriate in the past, but given the different audience, a polo or button-down uniform shirt would likely be more appropriate. It's essential that the look of your current uniforms is reflective of the current status of your business. 

Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is essential for every type of business. No matter where a customer is, you want them to be able to recognize your brand. Make sure the uniforms your employees wear also align with this goal. For example, if you've changed your logo, but your employees are still wearing uniforms with the old graphics, the uniforms don't allow for good brand recognition.

The same is true when it comes to the color of the uniforms. For example, if you've updated your color scheme from a turquoise to a navy blue, you have to update the uniforms. When the uniforms are in line with the overall look of the brand, your employees look more professional. 


The fabric of a uniform does more than just affect its appearance; it also has an effect on how functional the garment is. Take a landscaping company, for instance. Employees will typically spend most of their day outside, so it's a given that heavy sweating will be a part of the package. 

A cooling fabric with excellent moisture-absorbing qualities is best. Mesh polyester, moisture-wicking polyester, and polyester-cotton are just some good options to consider. If the fabric of your uniforms is not conducive to the work environment, it's time for a change. 

Take a moment to assess your uniforms. If it's time to make an update, contact a corporate apparel professional for help. 

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