Using A Real Estate Agent Marketing Service

In a recent calendar year, more than 5 million homes in the United States were sold. Some cities are hotter than others when it comes to the real estate market. As a real estate agent, you always have to be willing and able to create new leads and opportunities. With solid real estate marketing plans and the help of a marketing agency, you can work wonders. Here are a few things you should know about real estate marketing. 

Know what you do best, who your clients are, and what the competition is doing

Do you sell condos or single-family homes? Is your audience families trying to buy their first dream home, young professionals looking to find the hip spots in town, or investors looking to make a flip? There's no right or wrong answer, but you'll get better results when you know specifically who you are and who you serve. 

Some of the real estate personas you can hone in on include the prospective buyer that is "moving up" and improving their living situation, the first-time buyer, the empty nest buyer, and the glamour home purchaser. There are countless personas based on demographics and price ranges. You're better able to craft or market to these personas when you work with a real estate marketing service. Common marketing services prices like social media services might cost you between about $75 per hour and $200 per hour or more. A marketing services company can also help you with content creation, which is a cornerstone of real estate marketing. 

Blog, vlog, and engage with the community — not just when you are trying to make a sale

Real estate agents really win big when they blog regularly. People digest blog content voraciously these days. In fact, there are more than 70 million posts created each and every month. Along with blogging, you'll want to feed the web and your local community targeted video content that will help you not just hit search engine optimization (SEO) metrics, but also engage people authentically. Post to Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and other social media outlets daily. 

The key to this is to dish out great content for the sake of it, and not just when you want to convert a sale. This sets a strong foundation for you as an authority about your local real estate market and real estate matters in general. 

Keep learning what's next as far as real estate marketing tech goes so that you can keep communicating effectively. Let these real estate marketing tips serve you with any goals you have. Reach out to a real estate agent marketing service to learn more.

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