What Makes A Creative Advertising Agency Different?

When folks hear about a creative advertising agency, they often wonder what makes it different from a typical one. After all, don't all ad agencies want to be creative? You can learn more about the differences between a creative agency and a more general one here.

Handling Creative Work

Every ad agency helps its customers devise messages, and some even lend a hand with the basic creative work. When you're talking about creative work, you're looking at things like graphic design, website and development, branding, social media, marketing research, and more.

A standard ad agency normally does the idea work, and then the production of the creative materials falls to outside businesses like printers, programmers, and graphic designers. Conversely, a creative advertising agency does the production work in addition to developing ideas and campaigns.

Unity of Messaging

In any messaging exercise, communicating ideas through a unified brand is the goal. A good way to think of the problem is like putting in a new countertop in a kitchen. If you can install the countertop as a single slab, it looks nicer. If there are seams, they collect germs and junk.

The same problem with seams occurs with brands and messages. Try as they might, it's hard for creative production folks to take an ad agency's ideas and precisely create what the agency originally intended. A printer might use a slightly different color profile or tinker with the graphic design files, for example. Coders may not fully understand how a web campaign is supposed to tie together with other aspects of the larger campaign.

Keeping everything under one roof allows you to achieve greater unity. Your message will be more consistent, and your target audience will notice it.


Working with a single team at a creative agency also streamlines the communication process. If someone working on the social media campaign has a question about acceptable language for posts, for example, they can walk down the hall and ask the people who developed the message. This reduces the odds you'll encounter a major slip-up in deploying the campaign.

You'll also benefit from having a single point of contact. Rather than passing messages back and forth between the agency and the creative firms, you can go straight to the agency. You can be confident that your concerns will filter down quickly into your campaigns.

This level of communication and coordination is especially important during rollouts. If you're still testing audience responses, you want to be able to modify and improve messages as quickly as the data comes in.

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