Promotional Golf Items To Order For Your Upcoming Tournament

When you're planning a local golf tournament, there will typically be a large assortment of products that you'll want to order in advance of the event. While trophies that you can present to the event's top players will likely be on your list, you should also think about what custom promotional items you can hand out. It's common for golf tournaments to give away a variety of promotional items to their players, and a company that produces golf-related promotional items will have all sorts of options for you to consider. Here are some promotional golf items that your tournament's players will appreciate.

Golf Balls

Golf balls are perhaps the most popular type of promotional item to give away at a tournament. Depending on your budget and the number of players who will be participating, you can choose to give each player one ball or perhaps a package of three balls. There are all sorts of different ways to customize these balls, but a good option is to have the tournament's logo printed on the face of each ball. You'll find that some players will be excited to use their new balls during the tournament, while others will keep at least one ball as a memento of the event.

Golf Tees

You may also want to order some promotional golf tees that you can hand out to your tournament's participants. This will be a popular item because golfers often break several tees per round, which means that every player will be happy to add some new tees to their golf bag. There are all sorts of ways that you can customize the tees for your event. A popular option will be to print the tournament's name and date along the length of the tees. You may also have the option of choosing a unique color. If so, you'll want to select a color that you've used in your tournament branding.

Divot Tools

Customizing golf divot tools that you can hand out to your tournament's players can be another worthwhile option. While some players will already have a divot tool, they'll appreciate getting a new one because these small tools can be easy to lose. Players who aren't very experienced with golf won't likely own divot tools, which will make them appreciative to receive your promotional items. These tools are available in many styles and colors, and you can also print any type of information on their front. Contact a promotional company to place your order.

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